About Us


The Liberian Medical Association USA was incorporated in 1999.  Its mission is to help promote and improve the health and welfare of the Liberian people through the intervention of the medical community overseas



 Dr. Alfred E. Shaw

 Vice President

 Dr. Albert White, Jr


Dr. Sabrina Logan


Dr. Gertrude Findley-Christian

Message from the President

My fellow colleagues, I bring you greetings on behalf of the elected core of officers and the Executive committee of the LMA – USA.  It has been a pleasure and indeed an opportunity to serve the association thus far.

We do invite all Liberians and friends of Liberia with a passion to serve those who are less fortunate than most of us, to join us in mobilizing our resources and maximizing our potentials to build a vibrant association. Thus making the association one that is relevant and sustainable in impacting the lives of so many people immensely affected by the 14 year devastating civil war In Liberia.  Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected.  Liberia is on the road to recovery, but there is a lot to be done, and our focus foremost is a commitment in assisting in a significant way in the improvement and upgrading of the health care delivery system of Liberia.

We have had numerous discussions about our short-term and long-term goals,  and the time for more pressing vigorous actions is now.  The association remains inclusive, and we are again inviting each and everyone to join us and use whatever gifts you have been blessed with to serve others with a willing heart.

 We do remain open to ideas and suggestions in improving our association in moving forward.


Alfred E. Shaw, MD, FACS



Medical Education: provides ongoing intermittent training of medical students in Liberia by our membership. There are yearly visits by “Professors” from the United States who willingly go to Liberia and teach core curriculum courses at the medical school and at Tubman National Institute of Medical Art. (TNIMA)

Audio Visual Equipments: Provided to the medical school to promote, enhance and support a favorable academic training environment. 

Computer and Copier: Donated to the the A.M.Dogliotti medical school, to be used by medical students and is situated in the Library 

Communications: Collaborated with an HIV/AIDS research center based at the medical school, run by Dr. S. Kennedy, to provide internet service to the available computers in the library.

Medical Books and Equipments: Sponsored shipment of several consignments of medical texts, journals, periodicals, and reference materials to the medical school.

Legal Counsel: Paid for legal counsel to investigate and helped to close an illegal medical institution in Liberia.

Health Screening and Management: Helped sponsor a health screening project by Dr. Ajavon-Cox in oral health in Liberia children.

Glucometers and Strips: Provided to help support a project in Liberia

West African College of Surgeon Speaker: In collaboration with the Liberian Medical Association of Great Britain, sponsored the trip of one of our own, Dr. Golakai to this conference.

Screening for hypertension and Diabetes in Liberia: Helped sponsor in collaboration with Dr.  Findley-Christian a screening for these diseases in Grand Bassa County in Adults.